Sinologists in Bydgoszcz

Chinfa LIEN - Bio-Statement

Prof. Chinfa Lien is Professor of Linguistics in the Graduate Institute of Linguistics at National Tsing Hua University, Taiwan, who was serving as its director from 1995-1998. In 2004, he was appointed as Chair Professor in Humanities and Social Sciences at the same university. He has been Emeritus Professor since February 2019. His current research interests focus on diachronic change in Southern Min including the detailed syntactic analysis of Ming and Qing dynasty plays, the Li Jing Ji/Li Zhi Ji, and the interaction between chronological and dialectal strata in Chinese to which he has applied the theory of lexical diffusion. In particular, he supposes under the supervision of Professor William Wang the thesis of bidirectional diffusion. His recent research roughly falls into two major categories: (1) lexical semantics and (2) functional categories. For lexical semantics, his major concern has been the issues of semantic extension, interface between constructions and fixed expressions. For functional categories, his research ranges over a set of topics such as phase (or rather aktionsart) and aspect, deictic system, directional patterns, interrogative, negative words, mood, copular constructions and adverbials.

連金發教授是臺灣國立清華大學語言學研究所的正教授,曾擔任過所長(1995年-1998年)和人文社會科學講座教授(2004年),並自2019年2月起為該校的名譽教授。連教授目前的研究興趣主要專注在閩南語的歷時演變,包括明清閩南白話劇本《荔鏡記》的句法學分析及把詞彙擴散理論(lexical diffusion theory)應用到漢語的時間和方言層次互動上,尤其在王士元教授的指導下假定了雙向擴散的論點。連教授的近期研究可約略分成兩個主要範疇,包括詞彙語意學和功能分類;前者關注語意延伸的相關議題,即構式和固定語式的介面研究,後者則涉及一連串主題研究,包括:時相(或源自德語的「動相」)和狀態、指示系統、趨向模式、疑問詞、否定詞、語氣、系動詞結構和狀語。在此次的演講中,連教授將從語意學的角度探討臺灣閩南語「一」(tsit8)的多重意涵,以證明語言形式跟語意並非總是一對一的關係。