Sinologists in Bydgoszcz

About SIN-B 2020

We are tremendously excited to announce Sinologists in Bydgoszcz: The 1st International Conference on Chinese Languages, Literature, and Culture (SinB-2020), which will be held in Casimir the Great University (also known as Kazimierz Wielki University) in Bydgoszcz, Poland during May 2021. Organized by the Department of Oriental Linguistics at Casimir the Great University, SinB-2020 aims to provide an interdisciplinary forum for scholars, practitioners, teachers, and students to exchange ideas, share preliminary results, and discuss findings about all aspects of studies in Chinese languages, literature, culture, and related areas in a truly warm and welcoming atmosphere. This year, SinB-2020 will be organized in cooperation with the Department of Applied Chinese and Graduate Institute of Teaching Chinese as a Second Language at Wenzao Ursuline University of Languages, Taiwan.

SinB-2020 will be held in Bydgoszcz, a modern and vibrant city situated in northern Poland, which is right on the Brda and Vistula rivers. As an architecturally-rich city, Bydgoszcz has earned itself a nickname of “Little Berlin” due to its neo-gothic, neo-baroque, and neoclassicist styles. We believe that while you meet and network with international scholars, experts, and peers at SinB-2020, you can also greatly enjoy the beauty of the city at the same time.

The theme of SinB-2020 is Chinese Linguistics and Teaching Chinese as a Foreign Language: Theories and Applications. A series of six lectures will be conducted in the conference, for which the aims and objectives are to ensure that young scholars who have just begun their research career will enter the field with a solid foundation in Chinese linguistics and will be well versed in how to apply modern Chinese linguistic theories to their teaching of the Chinese languages. The lecture series covers topics on SyntaxPhoneticsSemanticsMorphologyPragmaticsPsycholinguisticsCognitive Linguistics, and Sociolinguistics, in an attempt to address how these linguistic disciplines can be applied to Teaching Chinese as a Foreign Language.













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Honorary Chair

Prof. Norbert Kordek (Adam Mickiewicz University, Poland) 

Executive Members of the Organizing Committee

Dr. Li-Chi Lee Chen (Conference Chair, Casimir the Great University, Poland)

Anna Sroka-Grądziel, M.A. (Conference Chair, Casimir the Great University, Poland)

Fu-Lan Lee, M.A. (Casimir the Great University, Poland) 

Eryk Hajndrych, M.A. (Casimir the Great University, Poland)